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Paying It Forward In Sales – Give it Away To Receive More

It is very difficult to have a potential client take enough time to realize the value you and your company bring to the relationship.  Developing trust sometimes takes weeks, months or even years.  Depending on your sales cycle, you may not have that much time to grow the business.  Consistency is one of your greatest tools, but can also keep you from achieving your goals if it is your only approach.  You have to constantly be aware of any immediate opportunities that can help expedite the process.  Sometimes, you have to give it away to show you have the client’s best interests in mind.  That, hopefully, will strengthen your relationship and, in turn, will increase your sales.

Back when I was providing technology hardware and services to schools in Texas, one of my peripheral clients suffered severe damage due to a hurricane that ravaged through the area.  Luckily, no one was hurt and I was able to get in touch with “Kenneth” and get a status of his issues.  As the Dir of Tech, he needed to get the network back up and running asap but he was having a very difficult time getting in touch with his staff.  Somehow, I was able to do it from my office and helped coordinate his team by relaying his orders.

It seemed one of the components he needed for his server room was in our warehouse and I could sell it to him for very good margin.  However, due to the damage to the infrastructure in the area, there wasn’t any guarantee he would have it within a week.  I looked online and found a few tech shops within 45 minutes of the client’s site.  After making a few calls, I found that the component he needed was available and he could have someone drive out to get it.  In this fashion, he was able to get his network up and running within hours rather than waiting a week or longer.  He was very grateful to know he could have it by mid-afternoon and thanked me.  He hung up as he had many tasks that needed to be addressed.

I could have many some decent margin on the item but I knew if he had purchased it through me it would have slowed down his recovery period considerably.  He had an urgent need and I was not able to fulfill it competently.  So I did what was in his and the school district’s best interest.  Ultimately, the end result was that this marginal customer became one of my best and I was the primary IT vendor for the school district for 3 years.

There are so many examples of this type of “pay it forward” mentality every day…all around us.  However, if you have never done it, you won’t notice it.  After you do it once, you will become aware of it and see how often the opportunities actually present themselves.  When it comes to sales, think of your client’s best interests before yours and you will ultimately be rewarded for it with trust and a deeper relationship.

You see, you do the right thing because it’s the right thing to do…not because it will lead to a sale.  If you do it for the wrong reasons then you will miss the point and still not see the opportunities when they present themselves.  Being a good salesperson will only lead to you being a better salesperson.

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