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Office Pranks – Gotta Love’m

I love a good office prank.  Seriously…is there anything more talked about than when someone is had really well at work?  Once, while I was working at a shoe store at the mall, in between semesters, we had a bit of a remodeling project to complete.  One of my co-workers, “Chrissy”, was just milling around so I decided to have a little bit of fun with her.  I asked her to walk over to Sears and buy me a left-handed screw driver.  All the screw drivers in the tool kit were for right-handed people and I needed the other kind.  She caught me off guard by asking me why since I was right-handed, myself, but I recovered and explained I could complete the project faster if I were to use both hands.  So, with a nod of understanding, a twirl and twenty dollars from the register, she left on her mission.

As soon as she was out of sight I ran to the back and told my co-worker what I had done.  It’s an old prank and never thought she would fall for it.  It took me a while to complete the story as laughter kept welling up, interrupting me on several occasions.  Finally, we calmed down and anxiously awaited Chrissy’s return.  And we waited.  And we waited some more.  Eventually, I grew concerned and began to think I needed to go find her.  Her mission was, after all, my idea, and I felt responsible for her dilemma.  As I started to walk towards Sears, I saw her walking back.  When she returned, I asked her what had taken her so long.  She explained she couldn’t find a left-handed screw driver and finally asked one of the guys for help.  After telling him what she needed, he walked her over to the customer service desk and asked her to fill out an order form.  Once she was done he assured her we would get a call letting us know it had arrived so we could swing by and pick it up.  She thanked him and returned to the shoe store.

I was flabbergasted.  My prank had progressed much more than I had ever anticipated.  Chrissy had truly fallen for it all the way and even asked for help.  What had made me upset, however, was her little helper at the store.  He had taken my practical joke and one-upped me.  I was bettered in the future multiple times, but never as smoothly as this guy had done it.

So began my love affair with good office pranks and it did lead to some memorable office moments.  Of course, there are “rules” to the game.  For instance, never make it discriminatory.  Never make a joke of someone’s religion, sex or nationality.  If the joke is leaning towards politics then abandon ship. Seriously.  No joke is worth your job or a lawsuit.  Here is another rule that, if not followed, will lead to awkwardness or worse; only prank those of your pay grade.  For instance, sales managers should never prank an account manager.  A sales director should never prank a sales manager.  There isn’t any chance of retribution and at best, your prank will seem petty and mean.

Still, there was plenty of cannon fodder and believe me, we used all of it.  One year was spent just photoshopping images of each other and there were some good ones.  What began as a few minutes of cut-and-paste eventually evolved into weekend-long projects of digital revenge.  It wasn’t always as tame as the example of Chrissy and the left-handed screw driver but looking back, the companies that I had the best history of pranks with, were the ones with the best sense of humor and the ones with the best work environments.  You will spend an obscene amount of time at the office so you need to have some fun, as well.

If you have a story of an office prank you would like to share, feel free to do so…I would love to read about classic pranks as well as the crash-&-burns.

  1. Ceg
    June 21, 2011 at 9:14 am

    When I worked at McDonald’s we pulled the same thing on the this guy but it was a left handed spatula. But the best was the mission to find a can of steam. Back when i worked there, the buns for the fish sandwiches were steamed in a steamer. We had the same guy go down into the store room to get us some steam telling him the steamer was running low. About an hour and a half later the manager asked where he was and someone, who wasn’t aware of the prank, said he was down in the storm room. She was pissed but had to hold back the laughter when she was told what he was looking for.

    • June 21, 2011 at 6:30 pm

      I wish I had thought of sending someone to look for a can of steam. Priceless.

  2. Feldman
    June 21, 2011 at 9:16 am

    This brought back some great memories. When I worked for a minor league baseball team we used to send the baseball for that game into the umpire’s room so they can “mud” them up. I was friendly with a lot of umpires so if I was in talking about baseball and they walked in I would look at the boxes of baseballs and ask “Where are the curve balls?” The umpires would pick up and we send the batboy in search of a dozen curveballs, then when I switched sports and began working for a professional hockey team I would pull the same prank with the stick boys but now I would ask “where are the slap shots?” But my all time favorite joke was one spring back in high school when I was working in a toy store in town and a friend of mine who was a local police officer pulled up when I had the delivery doors open and was sweeping out the back. We had the idea and with the ok of the store manager we called a co-worker in back where the police officer was waiting. The officer then had the kid turn around and placed him under arrest and handcuffed my co-worker. It wasn’t until question and he was asked “Do you know today’s date is?” and the kid replied April 1st.

    • June 21, 2011 at 6:29 pm

      That last one is a bit rough but as long as no one gets hurt I am all for it.

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