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Summer Sales Slump? It Depends Upon The Salesperson

Summer sales slumps are a myth.  Companies don’t take a quarter off and not accomplish anything.  There isn’t a business in the world that willingly takes ninety consecutive days and is perfectly at ease letting productivity fall off a cliff.  Projects are not put on hold until kids go back to school once more.  If you are a sales person and you use the summer sales slump myth as your excuse as to why your numbers are lower than they are the rest of the year, then you simply haven’t prepared for the summer enough.  Proper preparation will provide you with more opportunities.

Summer sales are a reflection of your relationships with your clients.  It is the payoff for having gone the extra mile throughout the year, and having proven to your clients you are an expert and an advocate for their business.    What companies will do, that you must keep in mind, is address particular types of projects during certain types of the year.  You have to know everything your customer will need for the full year.

Schools, for instance, will buy end-user equipment during the first half of the school year and supplies during the second half of the year.  School networks will undergo major modifications during the summer months when the faculty and administration are not in the buildings.  If you are busy selling printers, cameras and projectors during the year and don’t know anything about their networking needs, you will experience a very slow summer.  You should have begun to ask about the summer in March.

You have to constantly adapt to an ever-changing sales environment.  You can accomplish this by adopting some or all of the following points;

1. Take a sales course.  You current method, whether it is successful or not, will inevitably grow stale over time and a refresher is always recommended.

2. Come up with new prospecting questions.  If your summer months are slow then you haven’t asked the right questions.  Let your client tell you about their business…don’t guess.

3. Remind your clients what you offer…don’t assume they already know.  Sometimes a simple flyer highlighting a product or service they have not purchased is enough to let them know you can provide them with more than what they have used you for.

4. Keep current on the industry as a whole.  What are the issues that will be dealt with in manufacturing?  Is there an alternative product on the horizon that will help your clients?  Are there new and more efficient methodologies available?  The more your clients see you as a resource, the better your relationships will be.

5. Keep a yearly calendar.  Mark off the seasonal dates and when to begin to prospect for them.  Usually, a three-month lead time is adequate and minimizes the chance of a deal getting away from you without your knowledge.  For instance, you should begin to prospect in Feb/March for June sales.

These are just a few suggestions for eliminating the mythical summer slump.  Ultimately, your activity level, properly applied, will minimize or even eliminate a slow season for you.

What do you do to counter slow seasons?  Please feel free to drop a comment below as I would love to know what solutions everyone else is using.

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