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Practical Business Applications for Pinterest.

Pinterest has taken the world by storm.  Everyone is talking about it.  Millions are pinning on a regular basis and millions more want to know what the fuss is all about.  On a consumer level, it is yet another social media platform people are gathering towards.  It’s fun.  I pin and, some say, annotate even more than most.  However, for a business, Pinterest offers a possibility to interact with other businesses and clients in a manner not available from other social media sites.  Here are a few examples.

Wedding Planners – Creating a pin board for each client let’s both the bride and the wedding planner to communicate much faster than having to make appointments and even faster than using email.  A shared board allows both parties to discuss, in a visual media, all the fine details required for a wedding.  This can get out of hand very quickly, so guidelines must be put in place by the wedding planner.  However, when done correctly, it offers a level of communication that will only lead to better organized and less-stressful weddings.  Or at least I hope so for the couple’s sake.

Website Designers – I once worked in an IT shop as a recruiter and had a chance to watch the creative dept in action as they designed websites.  Without a doubt, the most time intensive aspect was making the constant changes the client wanted as the website progressed.  Ultimately, the decision was made to offer a client three initial options to choose from, offer a set number of free changes and charge for any additional work from that point forward.  Having had a pinboard on Pinterest would have solved many issues and drastically cut the development time.   Approval would have been faster and any misunderstandings would have been addressed much more quickly.

Caterers – This goes without saying.  Can you imagine how viral professionally photographed food pictures would go on Pinterest?  There is a powerful demand for food and drink images on Pinterest and a shrewd chef will take advantage of it.  Letting a client review the image of the food with the ingredients listed below also minimizes the chance of a food allergy rearing up during an event.

Teachers – Creating a board specific to the curriculum can only help to re-enforce the lessons taught in the classroom.  By posting it online, the teacher can help to ensure the students always have access to key points.  Additionally, the ability to post comments gives the students the ability to ask a question at any time.  Sometimes questions are forgotten by the time class resumes.  Not so anymore.

FBI – Okay, I’m may be going out on a stretch here but what’s to keep the Federal Bureau of Investigation from posting pictures of their Most Wanted on Pinterest?  The pictures could link back to the FBI so people know where to contact the FBI with any information that may lead to the capture of a fugitive.  Also, the pin allows for a small bio to be included.  I am not sure of the legal ramifications about the FBI and social media but if this is possible and within the boundaries of the law then I see no reason why the FBI shouldn’t do it.

As I have pointed out, the possibilities for how businesses and organization use Pinterest are endless.  As with any social media, the ones that most consistently take advantage of the benefits are the ones that usually gain the most from the endeavor.  How are you using Pinterest?

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