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Don’t Offer One-Price-Fits-All

Your clients want to feel as if you are treating them according to what their needs are.  There is a level of personalization required for your clients to feel comfortable enough to purchase a product or service from you.  It’s as simple as that.  You shop for clothes at a store and walk out with a product only after you know it is a style you will wear and a size that actually fits you.  You would never purchase for yourself a shirt you considered to be ugly and ill-fitting.  So why would you expect your clients to do so?  The solution is not to offer a one-size-fits-all pricing but rather a matrix that allows the client to feel comfortable with the decision to buy.

The logical point to start at is to provide at least three different options to choose from.  This will create the widest net for you to find new clients.

Offer an entry-level package…call it whatever you like.  Basic.  Silver.  1st Tier.  It doesn’t matter as long as you remain consistent with your naming scheme.  At this level, you should offer enough to provide a value for your clients but also tempt them enough to come back at a later date and buy a more comprehensive package.  The customer is still paying you and that requires a level of trust not easily developed.  Don’t misplace that trust with a shabby product simply because it is the least expensive you offer.

At the next level package, again, call it anything…Intermediate.  Gold.  2nd Tier.  You should be focusing more of your marketing on this level that on the previous one.  You have to offer a full package here.  Supplement your first level with an added service and also some additional access.  This is where you make your money.  This is the level that will keep you afloat and make your business thrive.  This is the level that keeps the lights on in your office.

The tertiary level.  Advanced.  Platinum.  3rd Tier.  Will you have a lot of sales at this price range?  No.  However, the sales you do make are the sales you will feel the most satisfaction with because they will represent clients that trust you implicitly and want access to every possible service you can provide.  These are the clients that can call into a dedicated customer service representative.  This is where you would add 24/7 365 service if it’s applicable.  These are the clients that will call you on vacation if you allow for it.  Whatever it is you offer them for the highest level should include a level of customization that makes them feel they are the only clients you have.  These clients are known as whales.  You can’t depend on them but you can appreciate them when they buy.

A word of advice on letting clients jump from one level to another.  If the jump takes place while the process is active, then just charge the balance and move the client up.  If the jump up happens AFTER the completion of the contract them it is perfectly acceptable to add an additional fee.  If too much time has elapsed since the completion of the cycle then make them buy it from scratch.  You have a business to run and maintain and it should always be a leading element that guides everything you do with your pricing.

There are multiple ways to price what you offer but it is important to remember that your clients are all different and many express different needs.  Don’t sell your clients bells and whistles they don’t need.  It may look good on the sales sheet for the month but you have guaranteed the customer will not return for more.  I’m sure your business doesn’t have money to waste so don’t assume your clients do.

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    Glad you liked it. Thanks for scooping it, as well.

  1. April 26, 2012 at 12:55 pm

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