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How My Daughter Marketed Herself And Landed A Job With A Wedding Planner

Part of being in a sales cycle with your prospects and clients is the need to keep them aware of your presence.  It is a crucial and required element but one most people and firms get wrong.  Either the campaign tilts over to annoying or it is non-existent and not worth the effort.  Keeping yourself front and center requires persistence and consistency but it should never be over or underwhelming.

My daughter, Jess, is a junior in college and, like most sophomores, she didn’t have a clue last year what she wanted to be when she grew up.  Wandering aimlessly and simply going through the motions, she decided to help out one of the clubs with an upcoming event.  Well, the light bulb went off bright enough for me to see it 800 miles away and in an instant she decided she wanted to be an event planner specializing in weddings.

I suggested she contact the best wedding planner in her area and just let them know she was available for any upcoming celebration in the event the planner found herself short-handed.  So every Tuesday, she left a simple message saying just that.  She did it for a month.  Then the month turned into two months.  Two months became half a year and we talked about it 4th of July weekend when she was home.

She told me she was considering not leaving any more messages because they obviously didn’t need her.  I listened to her and understood the negative feeling she had developed.  Sales is a tough place and you have to grow a thick skin and not take anything personally.  She hadn’t gotten to that point yet so I offered her some advice.

“First of all,” I said, “you have invested quite a bit of emotion into this but it has actually only cost you 10 seconds a week to leave a message.”  That made her stop and think.  I could see her eyes going distant for a second.  “Secondly, and most importantly, no one has told you to stop calling.  I think you should keep going until something changes.”  So she renewed her efforts.  Every Tuesday.

She returned to school in September and suddenly her phone rang on a Friday night.

“Hello?” she said.

“I hear you’ve been trying to reach me.” a voice replied.  My daughter had the number in her phone so she was fully aware of where the call was coming from.

“YES!  I’ve been leaving messages for you every week!”  Jess hurriedly answered.

“I’ve heard them all.  You want a shot?  I’ll give you a shot.  Be at this address tomorrow at 8am.  Black sneakers.  Black pants.  Black shirt.  Don’t be late.  You’ll be working all day.  Let’s see what you’ve got.”

She immediately told her mom and me and the first thing we told her to do was to go and buy the black clothes she didn’t have.  I told her to relax because this is the best kind of interview.  She wasn’t going to risk flubbing a ridiculous question across a desk in a 10-minute interview.  She was actually being given the chance to prove whether or not she could do the job.  This is the type of opportunity everyone deserves but few truly get.

Jess learned a fantastic lesson in perseverance and determination because not only did she get the job but she is now doing high level work for the company.  She did it by staying on the radar and not going over the top with it.  She kept it short and sweet.

You, as the salesperson, have to determine what is annoying and what would be deemed acceptable by your client.  It is different for everyone and every industry.  A client may not be happy with a caterer asking for business on a weekly basis but an electronics aficionado may be perfectly okay with daily updates of the latest available hardware and software on the market.

However, that same caterer may be better served by simply proving a bit of food education to the customers.  In this manner, there isn’t a sales pitch but the business stays in the forefront of the client should the need for a caterer ever arise.

Remember, don’t give up, don’t be too heavy and be consistent in your delivery.

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