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Will Your Business Survive the Zombie Apocalypse?

 Will I survive the zombie apocalypse?  I like to think I have a chance.  I have basic skill sets for living in the woods.  I can trap small animals.  As did everyone else in the 80’s,  I watched MacGyver and imagined myself coming to the rescue of a beautiful girl with nothing more than duct tape, chewing gum and dental floss.  I like to think I’m tougher than I truly am.  Even with that, though, I still think I have a chance.

I believe in the Peter Lynch  “local knowledge” investment school of thought when it comes to thinking of your future.  If you use it then invest in it.  I like that.  It makes sense.  It’s not complicated and seems very rational.  Survival, in any case, is always about common sense, assertiveness and minimizing the weakest link.

That got me thinking.  What is the weakest link in my chain to ward off zombies?  What do I use a lot that I need to be concerned about?  The average person has enough food at home for 3-5 days.  My wife is italian so that means we have enough food for 2-3 weeks if we ration it.  We have enough cars in the driveway that if there were ever an emergency, I could siphon out the gas and fill up one car with extra gas on the side.  I can go 500 miles.

No.  The weak link in my life, (don’t laugh), is my contacts lenses and solutions.  I have very poor vision and glasses no longer work for me.  My survival, when the undead begin to run amok, will be based upon how long I can keep my contacts healthy and lubricated.  Once the contacts are no longer viable, the only way I’ll know if I am in trouble is when I suffer the death-hickey.

You may be laughing at that but everyone with contact lenses I have mentioned this to has had a pretty somber look upon their faces.   They get it.  They understand the weak link the their chain of survivability.  My lenses are good for 6 months and I have 2 sets at all times plus all the fluids I need to maintain them.  Assuming I can find food, shelter, safety and warmth, I will live for at least 12 months.  I addressed my weakest point and made my situation less tenuous.

Think of your business and decide what the weakest link is.  Is it distribution? Is it marketing?  Are you too top-heavy?  Are your sales teams not where you need them to be?  Confront your situation and strengthen the least productive team.  This will have positive effects on every other department as those that were good now will seem great.

Remember, change, even when it is for the best, is a slow process.  Forcing a new process onto any team, to be adopted instantly, will lead to certain failure.  Change takes time.  Allow for the change to be incorporated and explain the change clearly so there aren’t any misunderstandings.  Finally, have a “Kick-Off” meeting with the other departments to ensure the lines of communication are understood and the new roles are clearly defined.  I know a company that does it by simply having an in-house pizza lunch.  It doesn’t have to be elaborate for it to be effective.

There will always be a weak link.  Attack the weak link with determination and logic.  Don’t issue change for the sake of having change.  Once you are done and the department is to your satisfaction, find the next weak link and start over.  Me?  I’m starting to work on my cardio.

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