Nery Leal is a sales consultant with over 20 years of professional experience.  He has been involved with the sales process from needs assessment/proposal writing for clients to front-end sales with end-users and project initiations.  In fact his sales training began in the 70’s when, as a kid, he sold ice-cold cans of soda out of a shopping cart to overheated drivers in cars lined up to buy gas.

Throughout his career, Nery has always been involved with mentoring newly hired sales reps and helping them achieve positive sales numbers for the company as soon as possible.  He discovered he had the ability to mentor when he needed to train someone to cover his paper route at the age of 13, (largest bike route in his town’s history).

Since then, the lessons he has learned have been honed and sharpened to the point where he can now share them with other sales organizations that want to improve their overall sales. These are, in fact, the only sharp tools his wife allows him to be near.

Loft Consulting was born of the idea to share his skills and lessons with small and medium-sized businesses.  If there is prospecting to be done…Nery Leal can help organizations maximize their sales processes and results.

Nery Leal can be reached at;

Email Nery leal

(203) 858-9673


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